National Forest Funds (NFFs) – Towards a solid architecture and good financial governance (2013)
Christian Held, Jochen Statz, Annika Keil
› Download full paper [PDF; 993 KB]

National planning for GHG mitigation in agriculture: A guidance document (2013)
Andreas Wilkes, Timm Tennigkeit, Katalin Solymosi
› Download full paper [PDF; 2,0 MB]

Climate Change and Agriculture in LDCs (2013)
Timm Tennigkeit, Andreas Wilkes, Charlie Parker and Fred Kossam
› Download full paper [PDF; 646 KB]

Private equity investments in forests - overcoming barriers (2012)
Grulke, M.; Tennigkeit, T.; Held, C.;  Brodach, F.; and Hüttner, C.
› Download full paper [PDF; 3,6 MB]

Challenges of Community-Forestry Based Carbon Projects: Process, Participation, Performance (2012)
Jean-Pierre Rennaud, Jack Ruitenbeek and Timm Tennigkeit
› Download full paper [PDF; 2,2 MB]

A bottom-up approach to estimating cost elements of REDD+ pilot projects in Tanzania (2012)
Eduard Merger, Christian Held, Timm Tennigkeit and Tom Blomley
› Download full paper [PDF; 641 KB]

Options for Support to Grassland Restoration in the context of Climate Change Mitigation (2012)
Andreas Wilkes, Katalin Solymosi, Timm Tennigkeit
› Download full paper [PDF; 1,9 MB]

Identifying Opportunities for Climate - Smart Agriculture Investments in Africa (2012)
Giacomo Branca, Timm Tennigkeit, Wendy Mann, Leslie Lipper
› Download full paper [PDF; 2,3 MB]

Einstellung, Motivation, Implementierungsprobleme und Lösungsansätze sowie Informationsstand von Landwirten zur Bewirtschaftung von Kurzumtriebsplantagen (KUP) (2012)
Laura Van den Kerchove, Martin Asen, Axel Weinreich, Stefanie Haid, Marlies Härdtlein, Ludger Eltrop
› Download full paper [PDF; 2,6 MB]

Effectiveness and legitimacy of forest carbon standards in the OTC voluntary carbon market (2011)
Eduard Merger and Till Pistorius
› Download full paper [PDF; 294 KB]

Agriculture and Climate Change (2011)
Bruce Campbell, Wendy Mann, Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, Charlotte Streck, Timm Tennigkeit
› Download full paper [PDF; 1,9 MB]

Clusterstudie Forst und Holz Baden-Württemberg (2010)
Martin Redmann, Jürgen Dispan, Christian Held, Franz-Josef Lückge
› Download full paper [PDF; 4,6 MB]


Analyse und Bewertung von Waldprojekten und entsprechender Standards zur freiwilligen Kompensation von Treibhausgasemissionen (2010)
Christian Held, Timm Tennigkeit, Grit Techel, Matthias Seebauer
› Download full paper [PDF; 1,2 MB]

Status and Future of the Afforestation and Reforestation (AR) Carbon Sector (2010)
Erduard Merger
› Download full paper [PDF; 1,6 MB]

Carbon finance in extensively managed rangelands: issues in project, programmatic and sectoral approached (2009)
Andreas Wilkes and Timm Tennigkeit
› Download full paper [PDF; 3,0 MB]

Zukunft der Holzwirtschaft – Szenarien 2020 (2008)
Jürgen Dispan, Markus Grulke, Jochen Statz, Björn Seintsch
› Download full paper [PDF; 444 KB]

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