Forest management in Paraguay

Since 2002 UNIQUE manages natural forests and forest plantations in Paraguay according to the internationally recognized criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).


Management of forest plantations

Since 2011, UNIQUE established more than 10,000 ha of forests in Paraguay. We act as a trustee for private institutional investor and investment funds, and provide the full range of property management services on around 15,000 ha of forest land. The production target mainly encompasses quality timber for local processing in the sawmill and plywood industry.

On about half of the production area, forest plantations are combined with cattle ranching. In these so-called silvopastoral systems, traditional extensive grazing systems coexist with the modern practices of plantation forestry on the same area.

Our reforestation projects contribute to the social and environmental sustainable development of rural areas: a few hundred qualified jobs are created, three million tons of CO2 are stored and the biodiversity is preserved through the integration of conservation areas on production sites.


Natural forest management

In the province of Caazapá, in the rainy subtropical region of Paraguay, we manage natural forests on an area of 5,650 ha since 2002. Thereof, 4,000 ha are managed under a polycyclic system. In a target-diameter oriented approach, single trees are harvested to produce highly valuable tropical woods which are marketed regionally.

The logs are mostly sold to the local sawmill industry, but also further refined through our own mobile sawmill. The remaining wood is processed into certified charcoal. 1,550 ha of the managed area are under full protection, only used for scientific studies and environmental monitoring. For many years now, we are witnessing that sustainable and close-to-nature forestry is also economically viable. Generated income is comparable to well managed extensive beef production systems in the region.

Brochure '15 years of FORCERPA'
[PDF; 3,1 MB]

The forests we manage in Paraguay belong to the agricultural company PAYCO and were the first in the country with the internationally recognized FSC® certificate for responsible forestry. Assuming the role of technical management, UNIQUE provides the following services:

  • Assessment of potential afforestation areas according to the site-species-market approach
  • Development and continuous update of management plans
  • Forest access planning and road construction
  • Establishment and maintenance of forest stands
  • Tree selection (future crop trees and/or thinning)
  • Fire prevention and forest protection
  • Definition of harvesting methods
  • Coordination of service providers
  • Market analysis and sales
  • Social and environmental monitoring
  • Operational monitoring and forest evaluation

sustain report 2018

Download Sustainability Report 2018
[PDF; 5.8 MB]

Our first commitments lies in the quality and cost efficiency of our management of natural forests and plantations. Through the training of our employees and service providers, as well as benchmarking of our costs and services, our operational processes are continuously optimized. We would like to invite you to visit our production facilities after prior arrangement.

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