Potenziale für die Restaurierung von Waldlandschaften






The Government of Armenia is determined to address climate change through policies, institutional reforms, and investment. The Government of Armenia has recognized the landscape restoration needs and is currently moving from a purely state-led approach to a data-driven, multi-stakeholder approach. This will allow land restoration to become more targeted, efficient, inclusive, and results-oriented. With financial support from the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Support Facility, the World Bank has launched a technical assistance activity to strengthen knowledge around forest-based adaption activities and Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) in Armenia. UNIQUE developed an evidence-based roadmap and time bound action plan for FLR to support the country in meeting its NDC target.

  • Restoration feasibility assessment, including cost analysis
  • National restoration potential mapping using remote sensing
  • Field work to analyse and map the potential sites in detail to prepare implementable restoration plans
  • Restoration strategy and planning: Summary presenting national roadmap for landscape restoration

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