The power of digitalization: Transforming agrifood systems to enhance climate benefits (2021)
Timm Tennigkeit, Johannes Mössinger
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[PDF; 292 KB]

A map of the extent and year of detection of oil palm plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand (2021)
Olga Danylo, Johannes Pirker, Guido Lemoine, Guido Ceccherini, Linda See, Ian McCallum, Hadi, Florian Kraxner, Frédéric Achard & Steffen Fritz
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Restoring Degraded Coffee Landscapes and Scaling up Sustainable Production in South-West Ethiopia (2021)
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[PDF; 3.3 MB]

Greenhouse Gas Assessment of Bush Control and Biomass Utilization in Namibia (2019)
Matthias Seebauer, Alexander Pinkwart, Benjamin Schwarz, Carter Hartz
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Policy brief - Economics of Forest Landscape Restoration (2019)
Till Pistorius, Duncan Gromko
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[PDF; 1.5 MB]

Economics of Forest Landscape Restoration - Estimating impacts, costs and benefits from ecosystem services (2019)
Gromko, D.; Pistorius, T.; Seebauer, M.; Braun, A.; Meier, E.
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[PDF; 1.2 MB]

Tiếp cận lâm sinh trong phục hồi rừng ven biển Việt Nam (2019)
Nicolas Wittmann, Hồ Đắc Thái Hoàng, Lê Thái Hùng, Till Pistorius, Maximilian Roth
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[PDF; 4,4 MB]

Coffee production in the face of climate change: Country profiles (2019)
Katalin Solymosi, Grit Techel
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[PDF; 9.4 MB]

Tier 2 inventory approaches in the livestock sector: a collectionof agricultural greenhouse gas inventory practices (2018)
Andreas Wilkes, Suzanne van Dijk
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[PDF; 5.3 MB]

Info Note - Measurement, reporting and verificationof greenhouse gasemissions from livestock: current practices and opportunities for improvement (2017)
Andreas Wilkes
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[PDF; 867 KB]

Measurement, reporting and verification of livestock GHG emissions by developing countries in the UNFCCC (2017)
Andreas Wilkes, Andy Reisinger, Eva Wollenberg, Suzanne van Dijk
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[PDF; 3.5 MB]

The Planetary Health Diet in Theory and Practice (2019)
Katalin Solymosi, Gulbahar Abdurasulova, Charles Odhong
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[PDF; 2,1 MB]

Silvicultural Study for Coastal Restoration in Vietnam - Technical manual to the IKI-supported Project (2019)
Nicolas Wittmann, Ho Dac Thai Hoang, Le Thai Hung, Till Pistorius, Maximilian Roth
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[PDF; 3,3 MB]

Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) in Jabbor Rasulov district, Tajikistan a pilot study (2019)
Abdurasulova, G.; Demenge J.; Mohidinov, N.; Renner, K.; Yodalieva, M.; Zebisch, M.
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[PDF; 3,3 MB]

Financing Large-Scale Mitigation by Smallholder Farmers: What Roles for Public Climate Finance?(2019)
Charles Odhong’, Andreas Wilkes, Suzanne van Dijk, Miriam Vorlaufer, Samuel Ndonga, Brian Sing’ora and Lucy Kenyanito
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[PDF; 554 KB]

Climate change mitigation and food loss and waste reduction (2018)
Gromko D.; Abdurasalova G.
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[PDF; 2.5 MB]

Potentials for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Agriculture (2018)
Katalin Solymosi, Matthias Seebauer, Suzanne van Dijk
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Các phương án tài chính hướng đến nâng cao năng suất và giá trị của rừng sản xuất Việt Nam (2017)
Duncan Gromko, Till Pistorius, Phạm Thị Liên Hòa
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