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Diversity as a strength: How 'Unique' grows through openness

At Unique, we see diversity not only as a moral obligation, but also as a key driver of innovation and creativity. Our international staff from 23 countries brings a wide range of perspectives, ideas and approaches to our company, helping us to respond flexibly to global challenges. This cultural diversity enriches our working environment, fosters collaboration and strengthens our ability to succeed in a dynamic market.

Unbounded Collaboration

Openness to new things, freedom when, where and with whom I speak and work without barriers or borders of any kind is essential to me!

Thomas, Germany

Be open, be part of diversity!

For me open to diversity means to accept people the way they are. No matter of the cultural or educational background, religion, beliefs.  From every person or situation there is something to learn…and this can only make us be better people. The base of diversity must be understanding, respect, empathy, politeness, giving space for ideas, supporting one another etc. 

Daniela, Romania

Humanity, Equality, Diversity

For me, our behaviour should be guided by a firm belief in the principles of humanity, equality and diversity. By opposing marginalisation and discrimination, we defend the foundations of our democracy and protect the rights of all people, regardless of their background or beliefs. 

Adrian, Croatia

We wouldn’t be Unique without diversity

Diversity of our staff members is the key to our success and our unique company culture. We strive for excellency and innovativeness in our work – we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals without the multiplicity of nationalities, cultural backgrounds, experiences and gender represented by our team. We are committed to a work environment that is equal to all.“Transforming land use towards an inclusive and sustainable future for all” is our vision: this implies engaging with and caring for people – no matter where they come from or what their beliefs are.

Johannes, Germany

Unique in diversity

We are all unique and therefore form a great unity of people. I find that our intercultural differences are a great source of joy, wonder and discovery of others and ourselves. This richness is an integral part of my everyday life in Germany and should remain so without exception.

Gwenaëlle, France

Diversity: Democracy's Pillar

I support diversity action because it is the foundation of our work and a pillar of our democracy. We have to defend those values.

Timm, Germany

Cross-Cultural Synergy Flourishes

Being part of an international team and share experiences with people with a broadly diverse background is not only an aspect of my job; it is deep down the kind of world I want to live in, where everyone benefits of each other’s cultures, opinions, traditions and views.  I would consider an environment that does not allow it to become quickly fruitless, poor and without future propects.

Olivier, France

Uniqueness unites us

For me, diversity means recognizing each person for their uniqueness. Our individual differences enrich life and make it exciting! Meeting them openly and respectfully forms the basis of a colorful society in which we can live together in peace.

Julia, Germany

Diversity Enriches Daily

Diversity is something that I benefit from on a daily basis. Having colleagues from a range of backgrounds brings a wealth of knowledge that has proven invaluable and I’m always learning something new. The mixing of different ideas, experiences, cultures, and personalities helps us all grow our compassion, insight, and understanding.

Ella, United Kingdom

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