Transforming land use towards an inclusive and sustainable future for all.

Our successes

Our approach

Transformative change

Since 2003, we have been developing climate protection projects in the land use sector: afforestation, agriculture and agroforestry systems, coastal protection and mangrove rehabilitation, and forest protection and sustainable forest management. We shape the future by driving innovation and implementation, working at the intersection of development and research to support digital solutions. So far, our projects have generated around 5.2 million carbon credits for our clients and improved the livelihoods of more than 120,000 smallholder farmers. 


We focus on ecological, economic and social sustainability. We have supported seven forestry operations to achieve FSC certification. Our sister company Unique forest investment is managing 20,000 ha of FSC-certified forests. For our clients, we successfully prepared six proposals, which were approved by the Green Climate Fund. These proposals are in compliance with the IFC Safeguards. 


We always strive to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients – through consulting services and analytical studies or by supporting investments. As a learning company, we continuously improve the quality of our services – through transparency, quality management (ISO 9001), further development of our employees and constant dialogue with our clients. 

We offer comprehensive support for technical, political and economic challenges in the land use sector – from project planning to implementation and evaluation.