Efficient, integrative and professional

Our team has excellent knowledge and experience in forestry and agriculture, climate protection, economics, environmental policy and organizational development. With more than 70 employees, we offer an extensive pool of expertise. This enables us to respond efficiently and professionally across disciplines to our clients’ requirements. 

Management team



Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department

Anke Reichhuber is an expert in agriculture and sustainable land use. Ms. Reichhuber’s main areas of expertise are the development and evaluation of investment projects as well as analytical studies in the fields of natural resources, agriculture and climate change. She worked as an Agriculture Economist at the World Bank for five years. Her regional focus is on Africa and Asia.



Head of Forestry Department

Bernd Wippel is an expert in forest-related economic and strategy issues in both national and international contexts. He works with the private sector, public administrations and associations to adapt to economic and social challenges.



Head of Accounting

Carola Deutschmann is responsible for finance and accounting at Unique. This includes financial accounting, annual financial statements, tax returns as well as internal reporting and project controlling. Ms. Deutschmann has been working in finance for 30 years and has been a tax consultant since 2000.



Human Resources Manager

Gwenaëlle Knerr is the HR Manager. She is responsible for all HR tasks, including recruitment, integration of new staff, career development, labor law, and salaries. Gwenaëlle Knerr has more than 16 years of experience in HR and administration of small and medium enterprises and globally operating company groups, both in France and Germany.



Head of Business Development

Jana Rauch is a senior expert for planning, management and evaluation of TC projects in the green sector. She has worked in international cooperation since 2006, including as an advisor at the GIZ. As head of Unique’s Business Development Unit, she is responsible for acquisition, quality management and cross-departmental services within the company. In her role as a consultant for bilateral German International Cooperation, she is active worldwide with a focus on Latin America.



Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department

Jochen Statz is an expert in international forestry development cooperation. His work focuses on forestry, rural regional development and adaptation to climate change. He has many years of experience as a leader of forestry development projects in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental actors. Mr. Statz is active worldwide with a regional focus on East Africa, South Asia and Central Asia.



Managing Director

Johannes Wölcke spent 10 years at the World Bank as Senior Economist and 2 years at GIZ as Program Manager and Senior Advisor. His work focuses on the development and implementation of complex and innovative investment projects and programs, as well as analytical work at the interface between agriculture, natural resource management, and climate change. He has more than 20 years of practical experience in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America.



Head of Monitoring and MRV

Matthias Seebauer is one of the leading international experts in the field of monitoring, MRV and impact monitoring. He also has many years of work experience regarding inventories, trainings and the implementation of sustainable land use. The regional focus of his work in the climate and land use sector is Africa and Asia, especially China.



Head of Climate Department

Till Pistorius is an internationally renowned expert in climate and biodiversity policy. Between 2006 and 2015, he was part of the German delegation to the negotiations of the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity. His work focuses on environmental policy development and governance of Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA), REDD+, and other land use issues. The regional focus of his work is Southeast Asia.



Managing Director

Timm Tennigkeit is an expert in the development and implementation of investment projects in agriculture and forestry. He works on private and public investment projects at the interface between climate change mitigation and land use. He has more than 20 years of practical experience in Africa and Asia as a World Bank consultant and farm manager.




Business Development

Alison Vogler works as an Acquisition Assistant in the Business Development Unit. She provides support with the formal requirements in the acquisition process, ensures that all documents are correctly compiled and, as a Business Economist, supports the business processes. She has extensive experience in supporting international customers in a wide variety of industries and uses this in international correspondence with partner organizations and experts.



Agriculture and Rural Development

Alwin was Assistant Professor at the agricultural faculty of the University of Hohenheim (Germany) and he worked for CIMMYT as Senior Economist based in India. He focuses on analytical work and capacity development at the interface between agriculture, climate change and natural resource management. Alwin has strong exper-tise in quantitative and qualitative analyses related to the agricultural sector of developing countries.



Digital Solutions

The core areas of Angelo Mayer are geoinformatics and data science. He is specialized in the evaluation and analysis of 3D LiDAR as well as image-based remote sensing data from
various platforms. His main methods and tools are machine learning algorithms, GIS and databases.



Business Development

Annika Korte is a senior expert in quality management and environmental and social safeguards. She has worked in international cooperation since 2012 and is responsible for acquisition management and the company’s quality management system (ISO 9001) at Unique. As a consultant, she focuses on assignments related to safeguards and gender in Africa and Asia. In addition to Unique, she has worked at GIZ and the World Bank during her career.




Axel Weinreich is an expert in silviculture, forest planning, forest inventories and forest information systems. His work focuses on the further development of multi-source forest monitoring systems, the modernization of forest planning and forest information systems (FIS).




Benjamin Schwarz is an expert in voluntary carbon markets, monitoring, and MRV for the land use sector. His work focuses on climate change project development, soil carbon modeling, and carbon fluxes. Regional foci of his work are West Africa, the South Pacific, and Latin America.




Christian Held works across markets and value chain analysis, future markets of the forestry and timber industry, investment consulting for forestry and industrial companies and related valuation issues. He also works on timber trade flows, as well as timber sector and cluster studies in Germany and abroad.



Business Development

Christina Unnewehr works in the areas of acquisition, project management and monitoring & evaluation. This includes coordinating the preparation of proposals, managing project implementation and project work in the field of M&E. In addition to two Master’s degrees in Evaluation and Development & International Relations, Christina Unnewehr has further professional training as a coordinator in International Project Management (IPM). She has also gained regional experience at GIZ in East Africa.




Daniela Boru works in the field of administration and financial management. After completing a master’s degree in environmental sciences, she is currently training to become management assistant for office administration.




Eva Kehayova is an expert in the fields of forestry associations and initial reforestation. Her work focuses on consulting for organizational forms of private forests as well as communication strategies for activating forest owners and the accompaniment of forest policy transformation processes.




Florian Burmeister is responsible for the smooth functioning of the company’s IT and is also the direct contact person for employees on questions relating to software and hardware. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of end device and network administration.



Agriculture and Rural Development

Gero Pawlowski is an expert in sustainable forest management, forest and resource conservation. His work focuses on the acquisition and supervision of studies as well as the coordination of the implementation of long-term projects. The regional focus is South America and East Africa. Gero Pawlowski is currently head of an agroforestry training project in Zambia on behalf of the BMEL.



Digital Solutions

Gopika Suresh is a senior Remote Sensing/Earth Observation (EO) scientist, a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) expert and a Python programmer. Previously, she worked on developing SAR based methods & tools for detecting and monitoring forests & land cover changes, marine/coastal hazards and mapping damage from hazards like floods, storms, earthquakes and wildfires. At Unique, she is responsible for co-ordinating & developing EO based tools & solutions for global carbon projects.




Guilherme Arruda is a geographer and enviromental scientist, with overall work experience in GIS and remote sensing. As a brazilian, he has professional experience in and prior knowledge about Brazil and Latin America, acquired in different areas of the private sector.


Coello Imberton


Jacinto is a senior expert in the development and implementation of environmental and climate finance projects. His focus is on sustainable land use, restoration and REDD+. Prior to joining Unique, he worked at UNEP on private and financial sector engagement in REDD+, sustainable land use, and supply chains and governance. Jacinto has extensive experience in Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific.


Garbanzo Lèon

Digital Solutions

Jaime Garbanzo Leon is a geoscientist and expert in GIS, modeling, quality control and assessment of monitoring data. He works at Unique at the interface of web-mapping, remote sensing and geophysics. The focus of his work is on the automation of mapping processes and the development of programming tools.



Digital Solutions

Johannes Mössinger is an expert in management information systems and software for impact monitoring, as well as land use modeling. He is developing robust monitoring tools tailored to the requirements of standards and the needs of family farms. The regional focus of his work is on Latin America and East Africa.




Johannes Pirker is an experienced expert in international forestry. His work focuses on the development of voluntary carbon market projects, forest financial cooperation programs, and MRV and monitoring systems in the context of REDD+ and FLR. His regional focus is Francophone Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.




John Nyaga is a senior expert for the development of smallholder farms and sustainable land management projects for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The focus of his work is on designing, training, monitoring and implementing agroforestry projects in East, West and Southern Africa.




Jonas Lechner is an expert in tropical forestry, FLR and plantation management. Prior to joining Unique, he established and managed nurseries and plantations in Borneo. His work focuses on implementing forest investments, carbon forestry projects and supporting smallholders in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.




Jonas Nacke is a forestry expert with a focus on market studies and analysis along the timber value chain. Furthermore, he works on economic analysis and valuations of forest enterprises. His regional focus is on Europe and East Africa.






Joseph Macharia is a senior expert for the development of nature-based projects for the voluntary carbon market. He is specialized on smallholder agroforestry projects, including training and monitoring, implementation, and MRV systems. His regional focus is East, Central and South Africa.

Juan Carlos



Juan Carlos Zamora is a forestry expert with expertise in designing land use interventions for the voluntary carbon market, monitoring / MRV and global change assessments. His work focuses on the development and implementation of nature-based climate solutions in Latin America, South-east Asia, and Africa.




Juha Leppänen has been working on private and public forest sector projects and assignments in Asia, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa for the last 15 years. He is specialised in forest investment activities starting from forest resource and site assessments combined with market and financial analytics for timberland investment decisions.




Julia Schütze is an expert for soil hydrology in sustainable land use projects. The focus of her work is on the quantification and MRV / monitoring of soil erosion and the impact of land uses on water, e.g. in voluntary carbon market projects for the land use sector. Regional foci of her work are Africa, India and Latin America.



Business Development

Katia Obst is a senior expert in project management and gender in the forestry and land use sector. Since 2002, she has been responsible at Unique for identifying relevant tenders, managing acquisitions and projects and ensuring the quality of internal processes. The regional focus of her consulting assignments is the German forestry sector and, as a native Spanish speaker, Latin America.




Laura is an expert in international climate projects, with a focus on governance, safeguards and gender. The regional focus of her work is Latin America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. She further worked already in the field of climate risk management and Loss and Damage.




Leif Nutto has many years of international project experience in the specialist areas of silviculture and utilization of plantation and natural forests. His focus is on the analysis and optimization of process flows along forestry and timber industry value chains as well as the review and implementation of investments in the forestry sector.



Agriculture and Rural Development

Lincoln is an experienced agricultural economist who joined Unique in 2018. His work focuses on the development and economic modeling of sustainable land use business models and cost-benefit analysis of forest landscape restoration (FLR), climate smart agriculture, and sustainable investment.




Malte Viergutz is responsible for the conception, further development and administration of the IT infrastructure and external presentation at Unique. He supports the technical departments with needs-based IT solutions. Malte has many years of experience in media design and web design and develops modern communication solutions.




Marlène Zehfuß is an expert in forest valuation, forest inventories, geodata processing and statistical analysis. Her activities focus on management consulting for private and communal forest enterprises as well as the preparation of forest value assessments. Marlène Zehfuß is a publicly appointed and sworn expert in the field of forestry, soil and inventory valuation.



Agriculture and Rural Development



Marnix Becking has 30 years of professional experience in planning, implementation, M&E of international cooperation projects. His expertise is REDD+ and conservation & sustainable use of natural resources. He has been working from Latin America since 2010.




Matthias Dees is an expert in forest inventories, remote sensing and geoinformation systems. He has many years of worldwide experience in method development, design and implementation of inventories, and monitoring. Matthias teaches forest inventory and remote sensing at the University of Freiburg’s Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources.




Matthias Wenzel is a technical leader in forest management planning, forest inventory and forest nature conservation. He is a publicly appointed expert in forestry. His core activities are forest management in municipal forests, operational assessments in private forests and the processing of nature conservation issues, including the coordination of mapping for ecological management plans.




Maximilian Roth is a renowned expert in biodiversity, SFM, coastal protection and mangrove management. He is Unique’s country focal point for Vietnam and manages the Hue-based regional office. His regional focus is on Southeast Asia and Africa.



Digital Solutions

Maximilian Sperlich’s core competencies are geoinformatics and big data management. Maximilian works on the development of software for use in the forestry sector with a focus on the acquisition and analysis of remote sensing based data.




Monika Kolb works in administration and financial management and supports the Business Development department in acquisitions and project management. She has many years of project experience in the scientific field, corporate training and as an editor in the quality assurance of technical documentation.



Digital Solutions

Nathaniel Allen is a full-stack software engineer with over 8 years of experience in test-driven application development, development of DevOps infrastructure, and a touch of product management. He extended this experience into the “real” world by writing a Master’s thesis combining drone photogrammetry and deep learning in order to expedite research biodiversity S. Africa’s Fynbos.



Digital Solutions

Olivier Wenzek’s core competencies are information systems design, software architecture and data science. Olivier is responsible for the development, expansion and infrastructure of Unique’s digital tools and information systems. His work focuses on the design of web-based solutions, DevOps and programming.




The core competence of Patricia Holter is to transform remotely sensed data into knowledge for forest ecology and forest management. Her work focuses on the collection, statistical analysis and provision of forest-related geodata for the monitoring of biodiversity and carbon as well as change detection and inventories. She is specialized in the data analysis of terrestrial LiDAR data.



Agriculture and Rural Development

Paul Borsy is an expert in rural development and resource management. His work focuses on the development, evaluation and supervision of long and short-term projects in the areas of resource management, biodiversity, climate change, agriculture and renewable energy. Mr. Borsy is active in Africa, South America and Asia.




Paul Jacovelli has extensive experience – primarily in Africa and Asia – and specializes in sustainable forest management for the production of timber, bioenergy and other value-added products. His particular focus is the development of incentive systems and support structures for smaller investors in plantations.



Agriculture and Rural Development

Shimels Eshete Wassie is an expert in sustainable livestock management. His work focuses on analytical studies of dairy production and ‘monitoring, reporting and verification’ (MRV) of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from livestock production. He also develops climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies through ‘nationally determined contributions’ (NDCs) from the livestock sector. His regional focus is on East Africa.



Agriculture and Rural Development

Signe Nelgen is an international expert in sustainable agriculture and food systems. She focuses both on conducting data-intensive projects, such as global trade, market policy and food security, and on projects using qualitative methods. The latter includes food consumer behaviour and conservation projects. Among others, Ms. Nelgen has worked for the World Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.



Agriculture and Rural Development

Simon Charré is an expert in natural resource management, particularly mountain forests and rangeland resources. His work focuses on developing value chains for non-timber forest products and strengthening cooperation between authorities, local NGOs and international organizations. Simon Charré’s regional focus is Central Asia and the Caucasus.               


van Dijk

Agriculture and Rural Development

Suzanne van Dijk is an expert in sustainable livestock management. She focuses on projects related to climate smart agriculture, sustainable dairy production systems and value chain development for smallholder farmers. She also analyzes the impacts of climate change and uses them to develop practical recommendations for agribusinesses. Suzanne’s regional focus is Europe and East Africa.




Thomas Asbeck specializes in silvicultural and conservation issues in Central Europe and Scandinavia. His knowledge mainly relates to integrative management strategies with the aim of preserving important forest structure elements in the context of climate change.




Veronica Alonso’s work focuses on business and macroeconomic analyses for projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa. In the context of value chain and sector studies, she prepares surveys and analytical tools. She also develops business models for companies and investment projects.


Lisini Baldi

Agriculture and Rural Development

Veronica Lisini Baldi is a consultant in sustainable land use and natural resource management. Her work focuses on cross-sectoral issues such as forest landscape restoration (FLR), agroforestry and capacity building. Her regional focus is East Africa and South Asia.


von Dosky


Vincent von Dosky is an expert in forest and land use monitoring and inventories. His work focuses on terrestrial and remote sensing based forest monitoring systems, geoinformatics and data analytics. Outside of Central Europe, he has regional experience in Africa, as well as South and Central Asia.


We employ both experienced professionals and young talents from a variety of fields ranging from natural resource management, forestry and timber management to agriculture, rural development and climate change.

Organization and locations

Unique was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Freiburg, Germany. Offices in Paraguay and Vietnam, as well as team members in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, India, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Argentina, Colombia and the United Kingdom strengthen our regional presence.

Our publications show the range of diverse topics that our project teams work on. We share our knowledge for a better future for all.