Independent Evaluation of AGRA’s Policy Project - The Micro Reforms for African Agribusiness (MIRA) Project - Executive summary (2020)
ohn Holtzman, Anke Reichhuber, Johannes Woelcke
[PDF; 9.5 MB]

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on tropical timber production (2020)
Christian Held, Eva Meier-Landsberg

Changing agricultural stubble burning practices in the Indo-Gangetic plains: is the Happy Seeder a profitable alternative? (2020)
Alwin Keil, P. P. Krishnapriya, Archisman Mitra, Mangi L. Jat, Harminder S. Sidhu, Vijesh V. Krishna and Priya Shyamsundar
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[PDF; 2 MB]

Country forest note: Zambia - Towards a sustainable way of managing forest (2019)
Christian Held, Paul Jacovelli, Andrea Braun, Grit Techel
[PDF; 997 KB]

Forest Sector Investments in FLEGT VPA countries (2019)
Christian Held, Katalin Solymosi, Lincoln Davis, Veronica Alonso
[PDF; 1.2 MB]

Zero-tillage wheat provides stable yield and economic benefits under diverse growing season climates in the Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains (2020)
Alwin Keil, Archisman Mitra, Andrew McDonald, Ram Kanwar Malik
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[PDF; 2.5 MB]

Using the Open Standards-Based Framework for Planning and Implementing Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Projects in the High Mountainous Regions of Central Asia (2018)
Schumacher, P.; Garstecki, T.; Mislimshoeva, B.; Morrison, J.; Ibele, B.; Lesk, C.; Dzhumabaeva, S.; Bulbulshoev, U.; Martin, S.

Financing Large-Scale Mitigation by Smallholder Farmers: What Roles for Public Climate Finance? (2019)
Odhong, Charles; Wilkes, Andreas; Dijk, Suzanne van; Vorlaufer  Miriam; Ndonga Samuel; Sing'ora, Brian; Kenyanito, Lucy

Report on Options for Naturebased Solutions to Enhance NDC Commitments in Three Countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) (2020)
Eva Kehayova, Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Gulbahar Abdurasulova, Bernd Wippel
› Download full paper [1.9 MB]

Greenhouse Gas Assessment of Bush Control and Biomass Utilization in Namibia (2019)
Matthias Seebauer, Alexander Pinkwart, Benjamin Schwarz, Carter Hartz
› Download full paper [3.2 MB]

The Land-Drought Nexus - Enhancing the role of land-based interventions in drought mitigation and risk management (2019)
A. Reichhuber, N. Gerber, A. Mirzabaev, M. Svoboda, A. López Santos, V. Graw, R. Stefanski, J. Davies, A. Vuković, M.A. Fernández García, C. Fiati and X. Jia
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[PDF; 6.4 MB]

Methods and guidance to support MRV of livestockemissions - Methods for data collection, analysis and summary results from a pilot baseline survey for the Kenya dairy NAMA (2019)
Andreas Wilkes, Charles Odhong’, Suzanne van Dijk, Simon Fraval, Shimels Eshete Wassie
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[PDF; 3,6 MB]

Policy brief - Economics of Forest Landscape Restoration (2019)
Till Pistorius, Duncan Gromko
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[PDF; 1.5 MB]

Economics of Forest Landscape Restoration - Estimating impacts, costs and benefits from ecosystem services (2019)
Gromko, D.; Pistorius, T.; Seebauer, M.; Braun, A.; Meier, E.
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[PDF; 1.2 MB]

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