Policy brief - Economics of Forest Landscape Restoration (2019)
Till Pistorius, Duncan Gromko
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[PDF; 1.5 MB]

Economics of Forest Landscape Restoration - Estimating impacts, costs and benefits from ecosystem services (2019)
Gromko, D.; Pistorius, T.; Seebauer, M.; Braun, A.; Meier, E.
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[PDF; 1.2 MB]

The power of dung - Lessons learned from on-farm biodigester programs in Africa (2019)
Katie Kennedy Freeman, Juha Seppala, Caroline Adongo Ochieng, Suzanne van Dijk, Federico Gallopin, Charles Odhong, Annika Korte, Anke Reichhuber, Bunafsha Mislimshoeva
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[PDF; 2.1 MB]

Tiếp cận lâm sinh trong phục hồi rừng ven biển Việt Nam (2019)
Nicolas Wittmann, Hồ Đắc Thái Hoàng, Lê Thái Hùng, Till Pistorius, Maximilian Roth
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[PDF; 4,4 MB]

Coffee production in the face of climate change: Country profiles (2019)
Katalin Solymosi, Grit Techel
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[PDF; 9.4 MB]

Tier 2 inventory approaches in the livestock sector: a collectionof agricultural greenhouse gas inventory practices (2018)
Andreas Wilkes, Suzanne van Dijk
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[PDF; 5.3 MB]

Info Note - Measurement, reporting and verificationof greenhouse gasemissions from livestock: current practices and opportunities for improvement (2017)
Andreas Wilkes
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[PDF; 867 KB]

Measurement, reporting and verification of livestock GHG emissions by developing countries in the UNFCCC (2017)
Andreas Wilkes, Andy Reisinger, Eva Wollenberg, Suzanne van Dijk
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[PDF; 3.5 MB]

The Planetary Health Diet in Theory and Practice (2019)
Katalin Solymosi, Gulbahar Abdurasulova, Charles Odhong
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[PDF; 2,1 MB]

Silvicultural Study for Coastal Restoration in Vietnam - Technical manual to the IKI-supported Project (2019)
Nicolas Wittmann, Ho Dac Thai Hoang, Le Thai Hung, Till Pistorius, Maximilian Roth
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[PDF; 3,3 MB]

Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) in Jabbor Rasulov district, Tajikistan a pilot study (2019)
Abdurasulova, G.; Demenge J.; Mohidinov, N.; Renner, K.; Yodalieva, M.; Zebisch, M.
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[PDF; 3,3 MB]

Financing Large-Scale Mitigation by Smallholder Farmers: What Roles for Public Climate Finance?(2019)
Charles Odhong’, Andreas Wilkes, Suzanne van Dijk, Miriam Vorlaufer, Samuel Ndonga, Brian Sing’ora and Lucy Kenyanito
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[PDF; 554 KB]

Bản tin: Quản lý rủi ro do gió ở rừng trồng keo chuyển đổi sang rừng gỗ lớn ở việt nam (2018)
Nicolas Wittmann, Paul Jacovelli, Tommaso Locatelli, Ho Dac Thai Hoang
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[PDF; 1.8 MB]

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