Policy brief – Farmers’ Organizations as Change Agents for the Transformation of Agricultural and Food Systems

Jana Rauch
landwirtschaft | klima

Guidebook for Project developers – Best practice for Agricultural carbon project development targeting Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM)

Timm Tennigkeit, Adaugo Okoli, Alexis Brakhan
forestry | klima

Restoration of Degraded Coastal Forests in Vietnam’s North Central Coast

Till Pistorius, Ho Dac Thai Hoang, Tai Tien Dinh, Le Thai Hung, Maximilian Roth & Tran Khuong Duy
landwirtschaft | klima

Landscape Restoration Opportunities in the Naryn River Basin, the Kyrgyz Republic : Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology (ROAM) Report (English)

World Bank
forestry | landwirtschaft | klima

Funding Options for Ecosystem Restoration in Central America and Africa

Jacinto Coello, Laura Frey

Producción de semillas de árboles nativos

Andrea Braun et al.

Rwanda Value Chain and Regulatory Assessment Fertilizer and Pesticides

unique land use GmbH
landwirtschaft | klima

Compensating farmers for ecosystem services

Eva Wollenberg, Timm Tennigkeit, Dhanush Dinesh, Sophia Baumert, Felicitas Röhrig, Lisa Kirfel-Rühle, Leanne Zeppenfeldt

Time management governs climate resilience and productivity in the coupled rice–wheat cropping systems of eastern India

Andrew J. McDonald, Balwinder-Singh, Alwin Keil, Amit Srivastava, Peter Craufurd, Avinash Kishore, Virender Kumar, Gokul Paudel, Sudhanshu Singh, A. K. Singh, R. K. Sohane & R. K. Malik

Development of case studies to enhance the employment situation in Kenya’s forestry and wood sector

Veronica Alonso, Paul Jacovelli

Conservation Agriculture Benefits Indian Farmers, but Technology Targeting Needed for Greater Impacts

Vijesh V. Krishna, Alwin Keil, Meha Jain, Weiqi Zhou, Monish Jose, Subash Surendran-Padmaja, Luis Barba-Escoto, Balwinder-Singh, M. L. Jat and Olaf Erenstein
landwirtschaft | klima

Policy brief – Aligning improved livelihoods of coffee farmers and forest conservation in Ethiopia’s southwest highlands

Grit Techel
landwirtschaft | klima | digitalisierung

Digital solutions for small-scale farming: Fostering climate resilient and low carbon agrifood systems

Johannes Mössinger, Timm Tennigkeit

Waldwärts Rhein-Wied

Marlène Zehfuß, Bernd Wippel
landwirtschaft | digitalisierung

Of milk and mobiles: Assessing the potential of cellphone applications to reduce cattle milk yield gaps in Africa using a case study

Christian Bateki, Thomas Daum, Ana Salvatierra-Rojas, Joachim Müller, Regina Birner, Uta Dickhoefer
landwirtschaft | digitalisierung

Bridging the gap between models and users: A lightweight mobile interface for optimized farming decisions in interactive modeling sessions

Johannes Mössinger, Christian Troost, Thomas Berger

An analysis of the future supply of and demand for tropical timber and its contributions to a sustainable economy

Christian Held, Eva Meier-Landsberg and Verónica Alonso

What lies ahead for the tropical timber sector?

Christian Held, Eva Meier-Landsberg, Verónica Alonso
forestry | landwirtschaft | klima

Evaluation of Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes Program (ISLA)

Reichhuber, A.; Iskandarani, M.; Techel, G.; Davis, L.; Panev, M.
forestry | klima

Nature-based Solutions im freiwilligen Kohlenstoffmarkt – aktuelle Bedeutung und Potenziale

Benjamin Schwarz, Till Pistorius, Mathias Seebauer
landwirtschaft | klima

Restoring Degraded Coffee Landscapes and Scaling up Sustainable Production in South-West Ethiopia

UNIQUE forestry and land use
landwirtschaft | klima

Estimating Environmental Impacts of Climate Smart, Organic, and Regenerative Agriculture

Anke Reichhuber, Suzanne van Dijk, Jonathan Walsh
landwirtschaft | klima

Institutional Analysis of the Current National System and Processes Related to Climate Change in Turkmenistan

Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Gulbahar Abdurasulova, Jonathan Walsh, and Jochen Statz
forestry | landwirtschaft | digitalisierung

A map of the extent and year of detection of oil palm plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

Olga Danylo, Johannes Pirker, Guido Lemoine, Guido Ceccherini, Linda See, Ian McCallum, Hadi, Florian Kraxner, Frédéric Achard & Steffen Fritz
landwirtschaft | klima | digitalisierung

The power of digitalization: Transforming agrifood systems to enhance climate benefits

Timm Tennigkeit, Johannes Mössinger
forestry | landwirtschaft

Report on Options for Naturebased Solutions to Enhance NDC Commitments in Three Countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan)

Eva Kehayova, Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Gulbahar Abdurasulova, Bernd Wippel

Further evidence that gender matters for GHG mitigation in the dairy sector

Andreas Wilkes, Shimels Eshete Wassie, Miriam Vorlaufer, Charles Odhong’, Suzanne van Dijk
landwirtschaft | klima

Variation in the carbon footprint of milk production on smallholder dairy farms in central Kenya

Andreas Wilkes, Shimels Wassie, Charles Odhong’, Simon Fraval, Suzanne van Dijk

Zero-tillage wheat provides stable yield and economic benefits under diverse growing season climates in the Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains

Alwin Keil, Archisman Mitra, Andrew McDonald, Ram Kanwar Malik

Independent Evaluation of AGRA’s Policy Project – The Micro Reforms for African Agribusiness (MIRA) Project – Executive summary

John Holtzman, Anke Reichhuber, Johannes Woelcke

The Livestock Sub-sector in Kenya’s NDC: a scoping of gaps and priorities

Andreas Wilkes et al.

Stärkung von FWZ durch Kennzahlenvergleich

Brandt, M.; Niemöller, B.; Wippel, B.
forestry | klima

Leserbrief – Alternative Libanonzeder?

Matthias Wenzel

Info note – The impact of COVID-19 on low-emission dairy development in Kenya

Charles Odhong’, Shimels Wassie, Suzanne van Dijk and Andreas Wilkes

Indian agriculture, air pollution, and public health in the age of COVID

co-authored by Alwin Keil
landwirtschaft | klima

Changing agricultural stubble burning practices in the Indo-Gangetic plains: is the Happy Seeder a profitable alternative?

Alwin Keil, P. P. Krishnapriya, Archisman Mitra, Mangi L. Jat, Harminder S. Sidhu, Vijesh V. Krishna and Priya Shyamsundar
forestry | private impact investments

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on tropical timber production

Christian Held, Eva Meier-Landsberg
forestry | klima

Die Waldfunktionen an Steilhängen sichern

Zehfuß, Marlène
forestry | landwirtschaft

Mainstreaming the Ecosystem-based Adaptation approach into policy planning

Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Renuka Srinivasan, Jochen Statz
forestry | landwirtschaft | klima

Considering climate risk information in policy planning

Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Renuka Srinivasan, Jochen Statz, Anvar Homidov, Aliya Medebaeva, Makhbuba Kasymova
forestry | klima

Entwicklung von Maßnahmen des Vertragsnaturschutzes im Kommunal- und Privatwald in Baden-Württemberg


Meta-analysis of the effects of on-farm management strategies on milk yields of dairy cattle on smallholder farms in the Tropics

C. A. Bateki, S. van Dijk, A. Wilkes, U. Dickhoefer and R. White
forestry | private impact investments

The impact of FLEGT VPAs on forest sector investment risk in Indonesia and Viet Nam

Christian Held
forestry | klima

Silvicultural Study for Coastal Restoration in Vietnam – Technical manual to the IKI-supported Project

Nicolas Wittmann, Ho Dac Thai Hoang, Le Thai Hung, Till Pistorius, Maximilian Roth

Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) in Jabbor Rasulov district, Tajikistan a pilot study

Abdurasulova, G.; Demenge J.; Mohidinov, N.; Renner, K.; Yodalieva, M.; Zebisch, M.

The Planetary Health Diet in Theory and Practice

Katalin Solymosi, Gulbahar Abdurasulova, Charles Odhong
forestry | digitalisierung

Datenschutz im Wald

Wilke, G.; Viergutz, M.
landwirtschaft | klima

Financing Large-Scale Mitigation by Smallholder Farmers: What Roles for Public Climate Finance?

Odhong, Charles; Wilkes, Andreas; Dijk, Suzanne van; Vorlaufer Miriam; Ndonga Samuel; Sing’ora, Brian; Kenyanito, Lucy

Tiếp cận lâm sinh trong phục hồi rừng ven biển Việt Nam

Nicolas Wittmann, Hồ Đắc Thái Hoàng, Lê Thái Hùng, Till Pistorius, Maximilian Roth

Evaluation Final Report Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP)

Tim Bene, Lesley King, Markus Palenberg, Anke Reichhuber, Duncan Gromko