Agroforestry training brochures – a guide for small scale farmers in South-East Africa


In the context of our BMEL funded long term project in Zambia, we have elaborated several training components/brochures. So far, the project has elaborated the following brochures in English and Nyanja.

Bokashi making
englisch [PDF; 16 MB]
nyanja [PDF; 15 MB]
bemba [PDF; 15 MB]

Compost making
englisch [PDF; 19 MB]
nyanja [PDF; 19 MB]

Nursery establishement and management
englisch [PDF; 16 MB]
nyanja [PDF; 16 MB]

Tree planting and management
englisch [PDF; 11 MB]
nyanja [PDF; 11 MB]

Budding and grafting
englisch [PDF; 9 MB]
nyanja [PDF; 9 MB]

Green manure
englisch [PDF; 6 MB]
nyanja [PDF; 14 MB]

Manure handling and making of liquid extracts
englisch [PDF; 20 MB]
nyanja [PDF; 20 MB]

Pastures and fodders
englisch [PDF; 12 MB]
nyanja [PDF; 12 MB]