Bridging the gap between models and users: A lightweight mobile interface for optimized farming decisions in interactive modeling sessions

26. November 2021

Farm management information systems (FMIS) or so called farm decision support services (FDSS) promise valuable support for farmers in the digital age based on areas such as artificial intelligence, big data and internet of things. Our scientific contribution derives first conceptual insights for the future development of whole-farm optimizing components of FMIS and smart planning apps especially for smallholders.


  • Whole-farm modeling is hampered by the gap between models and users regarding accessibility, credibility and relevance
  • We test if Interactive whole-farm optimization models can be effective for knowledge-bridging in a participatory context
  • We use a lightweight model-user interface implemented with an open-source adaptable software solution
  • Our study shows that interactive modeling tools are well-accepted by smallholder farmers and extension service officers
  • Interactive modeling sessions can elicit tacit farmer knowledge and provide valuable insights for participatory research

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