Policy brief – Development of case studies to enhance the employment situation in Kenya’s forestry and wood sector

1. Juni 2022

Veronica Alonso, Paul Jacovelli

Unique as part of a project named ‘Wood for Work’, funded by BMEL (Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft) and together with the Thünen Institute and the Strathamore University, undertook a study of the employment in Kenya’s forest and wood industry sector. The aim was to identify key areas for further investigation – as country case studies – and with a special focus on employment in the sector. The standout issues are the harvesting (logging) ban in public and community forests and the increasing roundwood supply deficit with very little new planting taking place. Furthermore, in the wood processing sector, low efficiency and outdated production technology affect the vast majority of small and medium-sized industries. This Policy Brief highlights these critical issues and recommends the way forward for the country to take full benefit of the sector.

Download der Publikation [PDF; 2 MB]