Guidebook for Project developers

11. September 2023

Best practice for Agricultural carbon project development
targeting Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM)

Timm Tennigkeit, Adaugo Okoli, Alexis Brakhan

Project developers can make use of this guidebook to understand how to engage the voluntary carbon market, to incentivise SLM activities and learn how to develop agricultural carbon projects contributing to food security and multiple other livelihoods and ecosystem services. The specific focus is on cropland management including agroforestry. In contrast to other guidelines, this guidebook takes a practical perspective, aiming to operationalise existing guidance specifically for smallholder projects. Thus, it complements the guidance provided by voluntary carbon standards, the ICVCM, and VCMI. The guidebook is structured according to the following key project design features. In each section, best practice examples and recommendations are given. These mainly draw from the WKCP but also include learnings from project feasibility studies done in India and Madagascar:

  • Best practices for meeting general carbon project requirements
  • Roadmap for project development
  • Governance and management
  • Agricultural advisory services delivery
  • Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV)
  • Financial overview over expected expenditures and

Although value chain carbon insetting for corporate accounting requires several similar tasks, this guidebook focuses on carbon crediting projects only.

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