Potentials for enhanced contributions of wood valuechains to the nationaleconomy in Viet Nam

26. Juni 2024

The report discusses the economic potential of upgrading wood value chains in Viet Nam. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and conducted by Unique land use GmbH and the Thünen Institute, the study analyzes the employment and value-adding potential of Viet Nam’s wood industry. Viet Nam, a significant exporter of wood chips, faces a deficit in raw materials for its domestic industries. The study suggests that redirecting wood chips to higher value-added products like fiberboard and plywood could create substantial economic benefits. A survey of 24 companies revealed that fiberboard and plywood production could generate more employment and higher revenues than wood chip production. The report concludes that upgrading the woodchip value chain could increase employment by up to 36,000 jobs and significantly enhance GDP contributions, although substantial investments are required.

Download der Publikation [PDF; 294 KB]