Ukraine’s wood industry: navigating current challenges and forging a path to growth in a recovery scenario

26. Juni 2024

The WoodforWork project aimed to analyse employment dynamics within forest and wood value chains. Focusing on Ukraine, the project assessed the strategic role and challenges of the wood industry amid ongoing war conditions. The study delved into employment needs, skill requirements, and economic factors, aiming to offer insights for future policy recommendations and sectoral recovery.
The Ukrainian wood industry faces significant challenges due to the war, impacting production, workforce, raw material procurement, and market dynamics. The report suggests targeted interventions for sustainable recovery, categorizing recommendations for the government, companies, and associations. For the government, key proposals include enhancing transportation infrastructure, establishing fair wood procurement conditions, reforming the tax system to encourage innovation, offering compensation for waraffected companies, addressing skill gaps through education, and developing a forest cluster policy. For companies, recommendations include fostering collaborations for innovation, adapting supply chain management, prioritizing investments in product and marketing innovations, and exploring new markets. Associations are encouraged to collaborate with the government in formulating support programs, assistance with subsidy programs applications and tax incentives, and actively engage in employee training.
In conclusion, the WoodforWork project underlines the resilience and adaptive capacity of Ukraine’s wood industry. By implementing tailored strategies for different stakeholders, the industry can overcome current challenges and emerge as a key player in the economic recovery scenario.

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