Marktstudie klimainteligente Landwirtschaft


Sri Lanka




International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Climate smart agriculture (CSA) represents a great opportunity to profitably improve the sustainability of agriculture. However, financing from local banks for agricultural producers generally, and CSA specifically, remains limited. In this context, the IFC commissioned Unique to conduct a climate smart agriculture market study in Sri Lanka. The purpose of the assignment was to identify profitable CSA business models and recommend credit products and collaborative arrangements with technology providers that the IFC can use to support investments in these models. Unique assessed relevant policies and regulations, evaluated the lending environment for CSA, identified CSA investment opportunities in major value chains, developed cashflow projections for CSA practices, and suggested suitable loan products for investment.

  • Assessment of policy and regulatory environment for CSA
  • Assessment of lending environment for CSA and evaluation of financial institutions’ customer segments
  • Evaluation of agricultural value chains with respect to CSA investment opportunities
  • Development of CSA business models
  • Recommendation of credit products and collaborative arrangements to foster CSA investment

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