Leistung von Landwirtschafts- und Ernährungssystemen






The World Bank

Climate technologies are not yet sufficiently established in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the agricultural and food sectors. Reasons can be the political framework conditions, the institutional environment and financing possibilities. To address this, the World Bank conducted a study ‘Agriculture and Food Systems Performance and Options for Competitiveness Enhancing Policies’ on the agriculture and food sectors of Egypt. The objective was to identify policy incentives and options to align the government’s agri-food policies with climate-smart development approaches. Unique was hired to take a deep dive into Egypt’s financial sector with a focus on identifying financial instruments and innovative incentive schemes that can help agri-food SMEs adopt and scale climate-technologies in selected value chains.

  • Interviews with more than 40 stakeholders from the agri-food sector and financial sector
  • Mapping of available green finance opportunities and appropriate financial instruments
  • Identification of public entities positioned to provide blended finance with commercial entities
  • Draft and finalize report

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