Business Case Development for Forest Rehabilitation and REDD+ in Paraguay (2014)
Catálogo de modelos de producción forestal para medianos y grandes productores
› Download full paper [PDF; 3.3 MB]

Business Case Development for Forest Rehabilitation and REDD+ in Paraguay (2014)
Mecanismo de REDD+ y el financiamiento del carbono
› Download full paper [PDF; 2.1 MB]

The land-use sector within the post-2020 climate regime (2014)
Charlie Parker, Eduard Merger, Charlotte Streck, Darragh Conway, Timm Tennigkeit and Andreas Wilkes
› Download full paper [PDF; 2,3 MB]

Mobilizing private financing for Biodiversity - Synthesis report (2014)
Jahn, K;  Jäger, T.; Renner, A.;  von Krosigk, M.;  Grulke, M.; Merger, E.
› Download full paper [PDF; 1,3 MB]

Making Grasslands Sustainable in Mongolia: International Experiences with Payments for Environmental Services in Grazing Lands and Other Rangelands (2014)
Andreas Wilkes, Timm Tennigkeit, Brandon Soloski and Sophia Carodenuto
› Download full paper [PDF; 1,7 MB]

Financing REDD+ through private forestry sector - Background report (2013)
Timm Tennigkeit, Christian Held, Sophia Carodenuto, Eduard Merger
›Download full paper [PDF; 3,0 MB]

Agriculture and REDD+ - The main driver of deforestation and a key sector for successful implementation of REDD+ (2013)
Katalin Solymosi, Sophia Carodenuto, Timm Tennigkeit
› Download full paper [PDF; 3,3 MB]

Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions for Grassland and Livestock Management in Mongolia (2013)
Timm Tennigkeit, Damdin Dagvadorj, Andreas Wilkes, Carey Yeager

› Download full paper [PDF; 716 KB]

Carbon Intensification and Poverty Reduction in Kenya: Lessons from the Kenya Agricultural Carbon Project (2012/2013)
Timm Tennigkeit, Katalin Solymosi, Matthias Seebauer and Bo Lager
› Download full paper [PDF; 583 KB]

National integrated mitigation planning in agriculture: A review paper (2013)
Andreas Wilkes, Timm Tennigkeit, Katalin Solymosi
› Download full paper [PDF; 1,4 MB]

Abschlussbericht - Effizienter Waldbau im kleineren und mittleren Privatwald (2013)
Bernd Wippel, Britta Ossig, Peter Niggemeyer
› Download full paper [PDF; 1,2 MB]

National Forest Funds (NFFs) – Towards a solid architecture and good financial governance (2013)
Christian Held, Jochen Statz, Annika Keil
› Download full paper [PDF; 993 KB]

National planning for GHG mitigation in agriculture: A guidance document (2013)
Andreas Wilkes, Timm Tennigkeit, Katalin Solymosi
› Download full paper [PDF; 2,0 MB]

Climate Change and Agriculture in LDCs (2013)
Timm Tennigkeit, Andreas Wilkes, Charlie Parker and Fred Kossam
› Download full paper [PDF; 646 KB]

Private equity investments in forests - overcoming barriers (2012)
Grulke, M.; Tennigkeit, T.; Held, C.;  Brodach, F.; and Hüttner, C.
› Download full paper [PDF; 3,6 MB]

Challenges of Community-Forestry Based Carbon Projects: Process, Participation, Performance (2012)
Jean-Pierre Rennaud, Jack Ruitenbeek and Timm Tennigkeit
› Download full paper [PDF; 2,2 MB]

A bottom-up approach to estimating cost elements of REDD+ pilot projects in Tanzania (2012)
Eduard Merger, Christian Held, Timm Tennigkeit and Tom Blomley
› Download full paper [PDF; 641 KB]

Options for Support to Grassland Restoration in the context of Climate Change Mitigation (2012)
Andreas Wilkes, Katalin Solymosi, Timm Tennigkeit
› Download full paper [PDF; 1,9 MB]

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